Here’s When to Seek Help for Your Elbow Pain

Here’s When to Seek Help for Your Elbow Pain

It’s impossible to avoid aches and pains in daily life, whether you stub your toe, get a headache, or overdo your workout. 

However, pain can also indicate an underlying problem, like soft tissue damage, arthritis, or even breaks and dislocations, particularly when it involves your elbow.

Dr. Thomas F. Saylor has dedicated his career to orthopedic conditions affecting the upper extremities, including the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. In this blog post, he offers insights into when elbow pain can benefit from expert care at Orthopaedic Care Specialists in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Problems that can affect your elbow

No one wants to visit the doctor, especially for an everyday ache or pain. So, it’s no surprise people often put off treatment when pain develops in their elbows and shoulders. Why? These two joints frequently end up sore because they see so much use.

It’s certainly true that you don’t need to run to the doctor each time you feel a twinge. However, elbows can sustain damage quite easily, even without significant trauma. And, in many cases, early intervention can prevent problems from progressing.

Common causes of elbow pain include:

You can also experience elbow pain because of issues in your shoulder or wrist joint, a problem known as referred pain.

Since so many issues can lead to elbow pain, it’s essential to understand when you could benefit from expert care.

When your elbow pain requires a doctor

Fortunately, there are general guidelines that can clear up confusion immediately on whether to seek medical treatment.

Sudden injuries

First, don’t wait to schedule an appointment or get emergency care if you have a traumatic event involving your elbow. This is even more critical if you hear a snap or crack, or you have deformity, exposed bone, or bleeding.

Severe pain

It’s one thing to experience some discomfort and something entirely different to have severe or intense pain. This indicates a problem, especially if you have swelling or bruising around your joint.

Similarly, any significant symptoms involving your elbow warrant a trip to your doctor, like bruising near your elbow, swelling, or an inability to bend your arm or rotate your hand.

Symptoms that don’t improve — or worsen

Did you try treating your elbow pain with rest, ice, compression, and elevation? RICE is the first line of defense for most pain, particularly with your elbow. However, if your symptoms don’t improve or continue to get worse, it’s time to see an expert.

Treating your elbow pain

With more than 20 years of experience in upper extremity orthopedic care, Dr. Saylor has the skills to accurately diagnose the cause of your elbow pain. You can also rest assured, knowing he has solutions to ease your symptoms and restore function as quickly as possible.

Treating elbow pain varies, depending on the cause. Whenever possible, Dr. Saylor turns to conservative methods. These might range from adding structural support in the area to nerve decompression.

If your elbow requires more advanced treatments, Dr. Saylor can often use minimally invasive surgical techniques to repair the damage. He’s also fellowship-trained in complex elbow reconstruction procedures, ensuring you receive the best care available in Palm Beach.

Do you have elbow pain? Dr. Saylor can provide solutions. Contact Orthopaedic Care Specialists by calling 561-260-5993 today to schedule a consultation.

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