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Is Arthroscopy Best for Your Joint Pain Treatment?

Sometimes, surgery is the best option. Fortunately, if you have joint problems, it’s possible to have a surgical procedure with faster recovery times and less pain or risk of infection.

At Orthopaedic Care Specialists in North Palm Beach, Florida, Thomas F. Saylor, MD, specializes in the most advanced orthopedic procedures available, especially those involving minimally invasive techniques. If you need joint surgery, arthroscopy could be a perfect option for you.

Traditional surgery vs. arthroscopy 

When you have a traditional or “open” surgical procedure, your surgeon uses a single, large incision so they can see your entire joint. Arthroscopy, on the other hand, uses small incisions and miniature instruments to diagnose and treat joint issues. 

During arthroscopy, Dr. Saylor makes a tiny incision near your painful joint. Then, he inserts the arthroscope with its special camera and lighting system. This minimally invasive approach allows Dr. Saylor to project images of all your joint structures to a nearby video screen, so he can perform your procedure without making a large incision.

When you have arthroscopy, Dr. Saylor can check for cartilage, ligament, and bone damage and repair any problems he sees at the same time.

The advantages of arthroscopy

There are several benefits that come with undergoing arthroscopic procedures instead of traditional surgery. Because Dr. Saylor uses small incisions to treat your joint issue, you can expect to have:

Furthermore, unlike more invasive techniques, you’ll likely be able to go home within a few hours after an arthroscopic procedure. Your incisions should also heal within a few days, and most joints should fully recover within several weeks.

When to consider arthroscopy

Arthroscopy can be used to correct many joint issues, especially in the neck, shoulder, back, elbow, hand, and wrist. Common hand and upper extremity conditions that often respond to arthroscopic procedures include:

In most cases, having arthroscopy is only part of your treatment. To help support your joint’s recovery, Dr. Saylor usually provides at-home exercises to restore strength, flexibility, and mobility in your joint.

Why arthroscopy may not be an option

Arthroscopy can correct numerous joint problems. However, this may not be an ideal treatment if your pain doesn’t involve:

With more than 20 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Saylor can determine the best treatment strategy for your joint pain during a comprehensive evaluation.

To see if arthroscopy can resolve your joint pain, book an appointment online or over the phone with Orthopaedic Care Specialists today.

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